Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Multiplication For Kids

If your kids are also having trouble in learning multiplication, then it is better to change the pattern of teaching them rather than scolding the child. You can make multiplication for kids much easier by putting an element of fun in it. It is a very well known fact that children learn better in a pressure free and entertaining environment. And this environment is provided to the kids in the early stages of their schools.

But as they grow older, schools and parent, for some reason, start to take away the fun element from their studies and increase the pressure to improve. This is a real shame as this is the time when kids need a friendly environment while studying as the pressure of learning has just started to build up. This is why, many kids start finding math boring.

But if we start teaching math to kids like a game then we would be able to make it very easy to learn multiplication. You can find many great games in the market which teach multiplication to kids. These games use fun methods like flash cards, board games and puzzles to make multiplication easy for kids. You can even make up your own multiplication games with the kid's toys and other objects. For example, here is a fun game that you can do by yourself with a bunch of marbles.

Now take two marbles in hand and ask your kid to count them. Then ask him to take two more marbles and place them in a different pile. Then, ask your kid to count the marble again. He will obviously count 4 and then explain the concept of 2x2 = 4 to him. Keep doing this exercise until your kid understands multiplication completely. You can slowly teach all the tables with this method.

You can also search on the internet to find such games. There are many websites which provide multiplication games for free. These games teach multiplication to kids in a fun way. As you know that today kids love to play virtual computer games and internet multiplication games combine the fun of those with learning. Internet is also helpful in finding tips to simplify the process of teaching multiplication to the child.

But one important thing while teaching multiplication to kids is that neither any of parents nor teachers should ever make the child feel incompetent about not learning multiplication quickly. Every child is different and has his or her own pace of learning. Scolding or treating the child in a different way than others would only instil the sense of inferiority complex in the child.

Treat the child carefully and never let him feel that it is his fault that he is not been able to learn multiplication quickly.

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