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Increase the Grade of Your Child in Math through Math Tutors Online

Do you face problem in solving math due to inattentive classes? Your math teacher is not able to solve your queries due to hurdle in meeting deadlines? Here, we come with the solution. Apply math tutor online who can provide the answer to your query as per your understanding capability. Online classes of math provide a benefit of learning through distance education using the advance technology like the internet and computer.

There are many math tutors online who ensure your child to offer effective solution to all their math difficulties. But while selecting tutors Singapore online parents should consider following points:
  • The teacher capability

  • Use of web cam and voice technology

  • Tutoring plans

  • Method of teaching
The parent should also look for experience and qualification of the tutors. The math tutors online should be at least graduate or have a master degree. Furthermore, the teacher should bring out the best in the student.
The selection of time for tuition should be done according to student preference either at the night or in the early morning. The online math tutors should consider following points to enhance the performance of the student:
  • The regular use of a text book: The tutors should teach his/her or her student by referring the textbook only. Although examples can be given of its own without referring the book but should not be out of the context.
  • Teaching method: Tutors should ask the student preference and his learning method, to use teaching method accordingly.
  • Practical examples: Practical examples are easy to learn and remember;hence, the tutors should try to implement the same in his teaching process.
During online teaching, the child should be provided comfortable learning and silent environment helping him/her in concentrating.The tutors should also give an assignment to a student to check his progress and performance. Thus, online math tutoring is been liked by students and their families for its speed, interactive, fun and use of advanced technology.
To find best online tutoring services the extensive research is important. There are many websites that provide free hours of tutoring services just to check their capability. Hence, the parents and students should first look for these videos and when they find it capable, they should log in and continue by paying nominal fees.
Thus, give a try to online tutoring services and see the positive change in performance of your child in math. Parent should consult teachers to show the progress report of your child and decide whether the math tutor online has proven to be beneficial.

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Why One-On-One Tutoring Helps Children

A child's educational needs should be a top priority in your life. Children are unique, and each child learns differently; therefore, when a child is struggling in school, it is important that parents find Singapore tuition to help him succeed in class.

Because each child is different, a tutor can assess the needs of a child to provide the learning style that works for them. The teacher can adapt to the style and teach in a way that the child comprehends. Having a one-on-one tutor can give a child the assurance and self-esteem that they need.
A child who is struggling in school might lack the self-confidence that they need to do the work. A tutor can be very encouraging to a child, and they will let the student know that even though they are struggling with a certain subject, they also have many strengths that make them unique. Tutors also work well with children facing low self-esteem problems or acting out against school and homework by teaching them to focus and increase confidence.
An English tutor can help a child learn grammar, writing, reading comprehension or any other assignment that is given. If the child is struggling in math, Maths tutor can help children learn math problems, so they will impress their teacher. A one-on-one tutor can help improve test scores that a child needs to go to the next grade level or to graduate from high school.
A tutor will not laugh at a child for asking questions, so the student will feel comfortable asking questions about anything they do not understand. In some cases, children will not ask questions in class because they are afraid of ridicule from their peers. One-on-one tutoring eliminates those fears.
A one on one tutor can give children help with their homework, so that they can tackle the tough tasks that teachers throw at them. In addition, tutor can also contact the teacher to see what is needed for the class. Tutors realize that parents know their children better than anyone, so a tutor will want parent involvement to help the child be successful.
A good tutor will create an attractive learning environment for children. The child will not be distracted, and they will not be afraid to ask questions. One-on-one tutoring can provide the tools needed to help children achieve in the classroom. A child can then enjoy learning, and they will be very successful in life.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Tutors

There are several perks to exclusive tutoring. Besides the obvious better grades at school instance, students are taught many other qualities making them a better person and help them to discover their inner strength.
Here are a few advantages of hiring tutor Singapore:
Fewer Distractions - In a class setup, sound and other interruptions from peer groups can widely affect your kid's performance. This is specifically real if your child experiences Focus Deficiency Condition. Personal one-on-one tutoring is a lot more manageable atmosphere, and consequently far less susceptible to obstruction.
Focus on particular areas - They are able to concentrate on certain areas that your child may be having problems with. A school instructor will only manage to give restricted attention to students as they are constrained by time and difficult targets for subject protection.
Pick your tutor - The tutor follows a method that has a design or character that suits your youngster, and if tutor Singapore is not functioning properly you can schedule another one.
Assurance and self-worth - These are exceptionally crucial elements to discover any type of target. The more certain a kid feels with their schoolwork the a lot more artistic their thought refines become which means that they will certainly have the ability to comprehend challenging ideas far more effortlessly.
Interest - If you are utilizing a specialised tutor point for particular subjects, they are most likely to want their topic. This could be infectious for your youngster that might grab the passion and fascination for the subject that the tutor has.
Catch-up - Occasionally your child may have missed bottom lines in the syllabus that are now holding them back from understanding the more advanced principles. An tutor Singapore tutor will promptly be able to recognize the problems that requires correction. This is specifically essential if your child has been sick and missed a few lessons.
Bashful children could inquire - A lot of kids may be as bashful to ask questions in classroom and could then lose out on bottom lines in their subjects. They are far most likely to ask queries to their tutor.
Prepare for Finals - If your youngster is having problem with preparation, the tutor can aid! At the end of every week they take tests so the kids will stay updated with what has been taught. An tutors Singapore can offer the responses your child necessities.
Dealing with focus span. Your kid might just have the ability to concentrate for 10 minutes before their thoughts starts straying onto various other points. A tutor will conveniently manage to acknowledge when your kid's focus is seesawing.
A minute or more discussing another thing will certainly reset the clock to a level and your youngster will be able to come back on the right track promptly.

Help Your Child Get Rid Of His Mathematical Nightmares

Sweet asleep in his land of dreams, your child is already set to enter the gates of fairyland. In a moment's time, creepy creatures that look like numbers swallow him up. Your little one is zapped to reality and has a confrontation with his most dreaded subject- Math. The only respite that comes here is that your child is not the only one who has such nightmares.

There are several students who are weak in math and face difficulty in understanding the subject. Understanding formulas, various theorems and then memorizing them may not be every child's cup of tea. Your kid's school teacher may try to help your kid out but may not be able to do much because math is a subject that calls for a whole lot of practice. So what do you really do? Simply appoint a math tutor Singapore for your child. These tutors are going to take all your worries away and offer a solution for your child's educational needs.
Math tutors in Singapore are proficient in the field and possess the entire requisite skills needed to tutor your child for mathematics. These tutors are thorough professionals and can even be considered as pseudo mathematicians. They are erudite enough to impart the right knowledge to your children and make them comfortable with the subject they fear the most. Ample knowledge of math tutor Singapore in the subject plays a key role as they have taken the responsibility of teaching your child in the best possible manner.
It is not just knowledge that makes this math tutor Singapore the perfect solution for your children's nightmares. Other than this extensive knowledge, expertise in the subject and to explain it in a clear way is also an important consideration for math tutor Singapore. The adequate teaching skills are perhaps the most important pre requisite for anyone who wishes to be a successful tutor. Thankfully enough, these math tutors in Singapore have mastered the art of teaching to be able to guide children in an easy yet effective manner.
Let us accept the fact that the parents of today do not really have the time to teach their kids. Like it or not, parents today are too busy in their work schedules and work commitments that makes it difficult for them to find the time to teach their children. But with right math tutor Singapore at their aid, these parents can continue to carry on with their work while the tutor works on the weak subjects of your child and thereby enhances his/her math skills. This helps a great deal in relieving the parents from tension of studies of their little ones and thereby helps them to concentrate on their work better.
Now that you have well understood the benefits of math tutor Singapore services, it is obvious that you would be looking one for your child. You don't really need to bother yourself much for this, as there are several tutors in Singapore who can provide the right guidance to your children. So what is stopping you? Hire a math tutor Singapore for your kid and let him fight his mathematical fears with lan and great scores.

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What is the Cost of College Tuition?

What is the average cost of college tuition? This is one question that most parents and future students ask themselves and need to know in order to plan for a college education.
The national average college tuition rate for public universities is $4,694 per year for in state residents. This figure includes both tuition rates and fees for a full time student.
The average college tuition rate at private colleges and universities is around $20,000 per year in tuition and fees.
Many students take advantage of the low tuition rates of two-year public colleges and junior colleges. The average tuition for a two year school is only $2,076 per year.
College Tuition Increase
While it is good to get an idea of the current cost of tuition, it is also important to understand the expected increase in tuition costs. Students who still have several years before entering college and their families should be keenly aware of the projected estimates rather than the current costs so that they can plan accordingly.
Tuition rates increase at about twice the general inflation rate. On average, tuition rates tend to increase about 8% per year. Some academic years see a greater increase than others and many economic factors come into play when a college decides to increase tuition.
For the school year 2005-2006 many colleges dramatically raised tuition rates. An example of such tuition hikes is at the University of Colorado where tuition rates have been raised for all of the system's campuses. Tuition at the Boulder campus will go up by 27.8 percent, from $3,480 to $4,446. Other University of Colorado campuses will see a similar increase.
And now the good news...
Even though college tuition rates increase, more students than ever are benefiting from educational aid programs. According to a report from The College Board, "In 2003-04, the amount the average student actually paid for a public four-year institution, after receiving grant aid and education tax benefits, was about $1,300 per student."
Government grants such as the pell grant provide funding for many college students. In fact for students who attend two-year colleges the grant award may cover the entire cost of tuition.
Scholarship programs awarded by colleges, businesses and non profit organizations are available to help students defray the cost of college tuition. There are many college scholarship programs available and it is becoming even easier to find these programs with the use of the internet.
With a combination of savings, financial aid, and scholarships many students today are able to afford college tuition and further their education.
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What Tuition Does Your Child Need?

Deciding whether your child would benefit from tuition and then choosing the best tutors, can be a daunting task. So how should you set about it?

Does My Child Need Tuition?
Many parents have contacted me, uncertain about whether their children need, or would benefit from tuition. As tuition can be expensive you should understand what it can achieve because tuition can help children in a number of ways but it's not all about getting the best tutors:
• To catch up on areas of work they find difficult.
• To stretch, improve or extend the child understanding.
• To help engage 'bored' or 'disengaged' children.
• To improve their confidence.
Choosing the Best Tutors?
Tuition is a considerable investment in time and money. So you need to choose the best possible tuition. Making the right choice is important from the vast range of tuition schemes available. So ask these important questions of the Tutor.
• Are they qualified to teach? 
You can ask to see their teaching qualification and their QTS certificate. Some of the qualifications that teachers might have include: Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Professional Graduate Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Education.
• Are they police (CRB) checked, and is the check an 'enhanced disclosure'? 
All adults who have regular contact with children, like tutors, should have an enhanced CRB check. You can ask to see this. Most schools require a new check every three years. But do remember that a CRB check is only as good as the information that is held on the teacher. It is a good safeguard but you should always monitor the safety of your child.
• Do you and your child like them? 
The best tuition is the result of a good, effective working relationship between pupil and teacher. So to maximise the effectiveness of tuition ensure that your child responds well to their tutor. It is not worth sticking with a tutor that your child does not like!
• Will they be able to meet your tuition needs? 
When you send your child to tuition make sure you, and your tutor, has a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Ask the tutor if he/she can deliver what you want.
What Type of Tuition is Available?
There are many different types of tuition service available - so make sure you get the service best suited to your child's needs. I have grouped these into several categories, each one having something different to offer.
One-To-One Tuition
So you think one-to-one is the best? Perhaps you think it must be because it is usually the most expensive!
It may be true in the short term, just before exams but generally the tutors are dominant, and one-to-one tuition does not allow the child to enjoy learning independently, and it does not provide a forum for discussion, to express their opinions, their difficulties, or to interact with other children in the learning process. Moreover, the best tutors and teachers assess through watching children interacting with each other, discussing problems, and working and playing with other children.
As one-to-one tuition has been a flag ship of government policy since the 2010 election and is now widely available and some is delivered through schools in 10 hour programs although now the budget has been given to schools many are opting for small group tuition.
There are also teachers who provide this service privately. This is usually the most expensive tuition option as the teachers full attention is devoted to your child. It can be effective, and certainly children should make progress. However, in addition to cost, it is harder to make the sessions 'lively' and 'fun'. Teachers will spend a large part of their time waiting for the child to finish their work.
And it is also difficult to foster independence in one-to-one tuition. Children often stop thinking through concepts and just wait for the teacher to teach, and explain it to them. In the long term, this is unhelpful. It is possible to find very cheap one-to-one tuition in some areas, but whilst this might appear attractive, parents should ask about the qualifications, and the skills of such tutors.
Small Group Tuition
Small group tuition is available across the UK. It is usually cheaper than one-to-one tuition, and so makes better use of the teacher's time. It also provides children with the opportunity to share ideas, and for the teacher to use competition and games to enhance the learning of each child. As the session comes alive in this way it becomes easier for teachers to assess, build confidence and inspire children.
Small group Tuition Centres usually have up to eight children in each group. Between four and six children per tuition group is an ideal number as this allows good group dynamics and individual attention. If a group falls below three it becomes difficult to encourage group dynamics.
Larger tuition groups cannot guarantee, and often fail to provide each child with the individual attention they need and often seems no different to an ordinary school classroom. If your child is having difficulty then putting them in this situation is likely to make the emotional barriers worse.
Continuity and consistency is important to any tuition group. So attendance should be regular. Each group should have matched children, or similar ability. And the same tutor should lead the group.
Large Group Tuition
There are many large group tuition centres in some areas, some with between 15 and 30 children. Again, some of these groups do not use qualified tutors. So whilst these centres are often cheaper per session, the parent should ask whether the tuition provided is able to provide something different to what is being offered at school.
If your child is not achieving their academic goals or has a barrier to learning in large classrooms in school, why should large tuition groups be more effective?
Study Programs
There are many study centres in the UK. Many are 'on-line' websites, which sit your child in front of a computer or provides them with worksheets. Children are then expected to work through them on their own. The amount of teaching done is minimal.
So the parent should ask what am I paying for? The answer is the worksheet resources. These can also be found on the internet, the local library or in a book shop. It always amazes me how much parents are prepared to pay for these study programs when similar materials are available in shops at a fraction of the cost. Additionally parents considering a study centre should note that children who require tuition need the support of a tutor to help them learn, and to unblock any obstacles to their learning. Study centres do not provide the teaching and support your children need.
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The Benefits of Home Tutor Working With a Tuition Agency

For everybody who is a private tutor, you might ask yourself if you are creating the maximum amount of money and achieving as many students as you desire. It is quite probable that you're not, and in order to take full advantages of your time and efforts, the only and the best option is using tuition agency to help you to have extra tuition jobs and achieve your earning objectives. You will have regular customers with no more unfilled spaces inside your schedule.
Indeed, you need to offer a proportion of the 1st month's tuition costs to the agency company as referral fees. However, you will discover that this is more than balanced by the earnings you obtain in the long run. If you read through a basic list of advantages of a tuition agency, you ought to easily becoming very clear the reasons why it is the best choice to approaching tuition agency.
In the first place, home teacher might not possess sufficient tuition projects. Part of this is a time difficulty. Since you are one particular individual, you need to invest time on paperwork. You wish to spend the majority of your time and effort tutoring, but you need to market yourself, make connections and acquire extra tutoring tasks. Doing this enables less time to private tutor.
Having a tuition agency, you can get away from the paperwork up to another person, let them complete the marketing and advertising and possess additional time to educate pupils. The more time you invest tutoring, the more income you create. It is as easy as that. You experience the pleasure of assisting a lot more pupils.
Being a private tutor who doesn't possess the advantage of an agency company, will possibly not get sufficient tuition jobs. Many parents will certainly cease employing a tutor and there can be periods of time when you will have spaces available inside your schedule. Tuition agencies will make sure your available slot is filled up with pupils. No longer empty slots to fill in your calendar and constant salary are both advantages of having a tuition agency.
Numerous mother and father like the simplicity of using tuition agencies as they can easily select from an index of tutors. They are not operating with just a single private tutor but utilizing the agency to assist them choose suitable home tutors.
If you are on the listing of accessible home tutors from a tuition agency, more parents can be choosing to hire you as a tutor. Home Tuition agency can reach more parents than you can alone, rather than based on your social networking abilities.
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The Three Biggest Pitfalls in Hiring a Maths Tutor and How to Handle Them

When searching for a math tutor there are things you need to have in place to ensure a good experience. Having a good tutor can be a great benefit - far more bang for your buck than classroom education - but there are three common problems that can interfere with your getting your money's worth. These problems are inability to communicate, lack of real knowledge of the subject matter, and plain irresponsibility. On the other side of the equation, you can (if you are deliberate in your choosing) find a tutor who doesn't merely avoid these problems but gives far greater benefit than all the teachers you've ever had combined.
Some brilliant mathematicians are notoriously bad communicators. (Those of us who are not downright schizophrenic, like John Nash, famously portrayed in A Beautiful Mind, often love the world of ideas especially because of its removal from real life!)
If you have an absent-minded-professor type for a tutor, you have an abundance of knowledge but no way to access it. If you have a present-minded tutor who knows how to nurture the students' learning process, you have an invaluable aid to your learning.
What a good tutor and good tutoring company do to communicate clearly:
A good tutor listens. She/he is patient, she listens to your needs, she works with you at every step and continuously monitors your progress and takes you from where you are to where you want to be. (Not from where you aren't.)
A good tutor is very experienced at tutoring-not just at classroom teaching, which is a very different activity. A good tutor is intuitive about students' needs.
A good tutoring company hires good tutors, not just brilliant mathematicians, or certified teachers, or people looking to earn a buck. When it contracts a tutor, a good company director asks her/him to teach a sample lesson. They have a conversation. They interact.
An experienced tutoring director knows when someone can communicate well. They've paid attention to their students, to feedback, and have analyzed and reflected on the communications process to see what works.
Some students need things to be spoken slowly, some need things repeated many times, while others may need things to go fast in order to keep their attention focused.
An experienced tutor should not only take into consideration the student's learning abilities and knowledge of a particular subject matter, but should also be able to take into consideration other factors as well. Very often the obstacle to understanding mathematics is not necessarily due to a person's learning abilities, but is due to the person's current psychological and emotional state. A student may have things going on at home, at work or in a relationship, which can cause a significant obstruction to learning. He or she will be with their tutor during a tutoring session, and instead of focusing on what the tutor is trying to explain, the student is engaged in thoughts pertaining to his/her problems. This can cause attention deficit, inability to focus, and lack of desire to learn or listen to the tutor. If taking on a student for long term tutoring, a good tutor or tutoring company should try as much as possible to take these factors into consideration and craft their tutoring sessions with this information in mind.
Being able to guarantee the results of your work is a big plus. An experienced tutor or tutoring company, after spending a couple of sessions with a student, and making the necessary assessments, should be able to tell how many sessions the student should need in order to do well in a course or to pass an exam. The tutors should be able to guarantee whether the student will do well in the course or on the exam (on the condition that the student does all the work that is assigned to him and cooperates with his tutor. There are many cases where families or individuals buy large tutoring packages for themselves or their families, go through the tutoring sessions, do all the necessary work, and then don't end up doing well in their respective courses. This is unethical, because a tutoring company should take a certain measure of responsibility, to be able to guarantee the final outcomes in performance. If such a case occurs, then you should contact the company and ask for your money back. However, if you or your child spent time with a good tutor who has done all the work from his or her end, and you or your child did not participate or do the necessary work, then your failure should not be the company's responsibility. At the same time, if a company or a tutor notices a student who is not interested in learning, this situation should be immediately addressed, and further efforts should be made to change the situation around. After carrying this out, if indeed there is no desire to continue on the student's end, then all further sessions should be cancelled. There are many tutoring companies who take advantage of such students. Those, for example who are not interested in being tutored, but are forced to attend lessons by their parents. There is little or no benefit from such sessions.
People who apply to work as tutors at many tutoring companies have studied at some of the top universities in the country. Yet there are some candidates who shouldn't be hired even with the kind of credentials any student of mathematics would envy, simply because they do not have listening skills.
In matching you with your tutor, a really good tutoring director listens carefully and gets a sense of what the best kind of match will be. And if he really has class, then if he doesn't a match for you, he won't pair you with a tutor who can't really help your needs-he'll simply refer you to one of his competitors.
What YOU can do to ensure your needs:
When you speak with a tutoring company the first time, be sure to ask about the communication skills of the tutors. Then, when you get matched up, have a conversation with the tutor yourself, and ask questions. Ask the tutor to explain a mathematical concept to you. If you don't understand the explanation, or if you find you're having to work hard to understand or keep up, this might not be worth pursuing.
What to look for:
• a great tutor will ask you questions while explaining, and find out if you're following.
• a great tutor won't assume that just because you're hearing the words that you're understanding.
• if you don't understand the first explanation, a great tutor will explain it differently the second time, rather than simply repackaging the original explanation in different words.
• a tutor will have the attitude that if the explanation wasn't clear, the student is not to blame (on the condition that you are cooperating and actually want to learn). The customer is always right.
A tutor needs to know the material not just well enough to pass the exam himself/herself but know it when on the spot, and be able to explain it as well as doing it. Real knowledge of subject matter is actually a different skill set from the ability to solve a problem and get a grade on a exam.
A tutor needs to have teaching-knowledge as well as learning knowledge. Concepts often seem to slip out of some people's heads when they're asked to explain them. A real understanding of the context for a mathematical concept is necessary, and of the fundamental principles involved, not merely a pat method for solving a problem. This is particularly true on the SAT or ACT, tests of reasoning rather than subject matter, and on higher level math courses such as college and graduate courses.
For higher-level courses: if you're a college or graduate student, you need a tutoring company that specializes in tutoring for college graduate school classes. There are few people in New York City who are advanced enough in mathematics to be able to tutor these subjects, and very very few tutoring companies who have them. The best mathematicians in New York know the best places to work-so ask them which companies are good.
Some tutoring companies are geared toward their bottom line, not your learning. Their corporate structure legally requires them to maximize their profits-not your learning. They use rote teaching methods, formulas to ensure that quality is controlled. The downside of this is that, since the tutors aren't free to depart from the tried-and-true methods, the improvement in students is very slight. The tutoring isn't individualized or tailored to the student's particular needs. As a business model it makes sense: put a large quantity of students through a rote program and ensure they're all slightly satisfied. But the great additional gains that could have been garnered are all lost.
How a good tutoring company ensures knowledge of the subject matter:
Good companies test everyone who works for them. Potential tutors have to take several written and oral qualifying exams, to ensure complete knowledge of a subject and proper teaching skills. A good tutoring company doesn't go by references alone.
Asking tutors to explain a concept aloud, on the spot, in order to see directly how they teach.
Many good companies give you a chance to "test-drive" a tutor for one session and guarantee a full refund if you're not completely satisfied.
How you can ensure knowledge of subject matter:
When you approach a tutoring company, ask what credentials the tutors have. Look at the tutor profiles page. When talking with a tutor ask the tutor to explain why something works as well as how to do the math.
Factor #5: Responsibility
The reality is some tutors, especially in fast-paced New York City, just don't show up, or don't return phone calls for weeks at a time.
What A Good Company Does to Prevent Run-away Tutors
We've had a few come through our company even. We were astonished that some people could be so unprofessional. We learned.
Now, though our default attitude continues to be trust-based, we understand it is possible for this to occur, and if you came to us for tutoring you'd need to know about us that a tutor who does this is removed from her/his jobs and replaced, period. They don't work for our company again. (Who knows, they may be working for some other company now-so be sure to do some due diligence!) We expect this is how any good company will handle this. But not all companies do have a backup tutor at the ready, one who's fully competent to take over in the middle of the process and get your ready for your exams.
This kind of thing happens very rarely with tutoring companies, and is by far the most infrequent of the three problems we've outlined here. But when it does happen it can be very distressing for students. So it's good to know you won't run into that problem.
How to Do Your Due Diligence:
Ask a tutoring company if they've ever had this occur, and how they handled it. Ask for a guarantee that not only will your problem be addressed but that a backup tutor will be available immediately to ensure you're ready for your exams in time. And that this backup tutor be at least as good as the original.
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Hiring a Math Tutor For Your Child - Tips For Choosing Well

I have to get the painful news out of the way right at the start.
Many, maybe most math tutors, are not fully competent in the subject they are teaching.
Is this tutor really knowledgeable?
If you are looking for a math tutor, for example for Precalculus, you need to ascertain for of all that your prospective tutor has the curriculum for the course at his or her fingertips.
I mention this right way because, over the years, I have known many students who are being helped by tutors who are barely one step ahead of them, or actually over their head.
Facilitate good teacher-tutor communication 
Second, you need to facilitate communication with the course teacher. In other words, give the teacher the tutor's name and number and tell the teacher to call the tutor with specific information on the course and what your child should be doing.
I say this because too often the math tutor doesn't know exactly what the course expectation is, or what will be on the coming test, or whatever. Often the student is not a clear communicator of this information.
How is math tutoring time being used?
Third, you need to make sure the time is being used well. You don't want an hour of chatting about TV, sports, clothes, piercing or whatever. You want an hour of math!
You will need to assess that your tutor is pleasant and friendly, but also business-like and on task.
Does your child work well with the tutor?
There needs to be an element of chemistry with the tutor and your child. The whole point of this is that you are seeking some one-on-one reinforcement for your child, and that is not going to happen without good, clear communication. You will need to determine the quality of the tutor carefully.
Finding a tutor
How to find one? The best way is through a recommendation from someone you trust, preferably a math teacher you trust. Could be from another parent, or the school administration.
The more anonymous the source, such as a recommendation from someone who doesn't particularly know anything about math instruction, or a newspaper ad, the more you are relying on luck.
And are you sure your child needs a tutor? I believe a tutor should be much more of a last resort than is often the case. If your child just needs a bit of reinforcement or repeated explanation, maybe the class teacher is available for this. Or an older sibling, or you could do it.
I think this kind of help is part of a teacher's job, and also can be a wholesome family task. If your child simply needs hand holding to do his homework, maybe he needs to be guided to doing his work independently. Maybe in such a case a tutor is enabling a child with lack of independent work habits, rather than helping.
One other consideration
If your child needs regular help in a course, it is possible that he or she is simply in too advanced a course. I would encourage some sort of assessment of the situation, discussion with the teacher or a school official.
If your child is on a track that requires tutoring in fourth grade just to keep up, you need to ask yourself if this is in her interest, to be always running from behind to keep up. If the reason for the tutor is the teacher's incompetence, I would encourage you to let the school administration know about it.
How to pay 
How often and what you should expect to pay? Though often a tutoring arrangement is once a week for 45 minutes or an hour, if your child really needs help, I think twice a week is a minimum. If there is a problem, I don't see what can be done in less time than that besides putting out an immediate fire.
Costs range from $10 or $12/hour for a high school student to over $100/hour for an experienced tutor in a major metropolitan area. In general, you should expect a higher rate for more advanced levels of instruction and a more experienced, educated tutor. However, there is a lot of variance in the marketplace: I personally know people in my area who are very good and charge about $40/hour, and some who are really only OK and charge closer to $70/hour.
I think you should have in mind what you are willing to pay, and ask before you start; if the tutor wants more, just keep looking. The main thing is that you are getting valuable tutoring done. If you find a "bargain" but the tutoring isn't really helping your child, you're just wasting your and your child's time and your money.
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Entrust Your Finding Of A Home Tutor To A Home Tuition Agency

In life, we are usually faced with decisions and choices that we have to take and make. Sometimes, these choices are hard to make because they have lasting implications. For instance, how do you want to find a tutor for your child? A good tutor for your child will do wonders for his or her academic grades and results, giving him or her a better university placing, a scholarship even. After that, he or she finds it easier to get a job, and is paid higher. The what-ifs seem not ending, all from the start of finding a good tutor.

What if you found a wrong tutor, someone who is not good, who doesn't live up to your expectations? Would you have entrusted your child's education to someone whom you shouldn't have? Better to deliberate over such a decision than to rush into making a hasty one.
If you are looking for a home tutor for your child, in order to pull up his or her plunging grades, you would do well to hire one through a home tuition agency. The reason is simple, they have a large database of tutors, who qualified and experienced, all ready to teach and tutor your child. Furthermore, you just have to make your requirements for the tutor known to the agency and they will do the rest of the work by finding the right tutors for you to make the ultimate final decision. Some common requirements include the qualification level of the tutor, experience of the tutor, and style of teaching.
Most agencies I know do not offer a money back guarantee. However, some do. How this works is pretty simple actually. When you engage the tutor for the first lesson, and if you find him or her unsuitable for your child, you can actually call the agency, and request a change of tutor, and the first lesson's fees will be waived off. This I feel is the best that can happen, something like giving the child a trial for the tutors. Some tutors might seem oh-so-impressive on resume but turn out to be unable to teach at all. This policy was set up to solve this issue at hand.
Here are some tips to make sure that you choose a good home tuition agency, shared from my experience as a home tuition agency owner.
The first criteria is always to look at the strength of the database of the tutors. If the agency has more tutors, a larger database, it also means that there is a higher chance of you getting the most suitable and qualified tutor. Any database of 10,000 tutors and above is considered sufficiently large enough.
Secondly, you must look at the testimonials given by parents for the tuition agency. Testimonials reflect many things. For instance, you can get to know what is the response time of the agency, and the lead time you will be able to get a tutor once you request one from the agency.
Thirdly, look for any special advantage that the tuition agency might offer over the other tuition agencies. For instance, the tuition agency that I run has a guarantee, that if the tutor matched is not satisfactory, and if you terminate the services of the tutor within the first hour of teaching, you will be waived off your first lesson's fees and the will be no additional charges when you look for a second tutor in order to replace the first one.
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Online Tutoring - Which is Better - Tutoring Companies Or Freelance Tutors?

With the explosion in use of the internet for learning, online tutoring has become a favorite for students all over the globe. Online tutoring offers tremendous flexibility to the students as well as the tutors the major advantage for both the students and tutor being that they can learn/teach from the comfort of their homes.
Another major reason for the success of online tutoring is the lower cost of tutoring. The availability of tutors was earlier limited to those living close-by to the student. However with the online tutoring, the tutor can now be located in any corner of the world. Thus the tutors located in the third world countries while being equally competent as their counterparts in the developed world are able to offer their services at much lower prices - primarily due to the difference in valuation of their currencies with the dollar. While a face to face tutoring session would cost nearly $ 70 - 100 per hour earlier, a online tutoring session from tutors in USA / UK costs $ 30 - 50 and those from tutors located in India is available for $ 12 - 15 per hour.
Tutoring Companies. As the demand for online tutoring grew, a number of tutoring companies surfaced on the horizon. These Online Tutoring Companies generally offer tutoring in a variety of subjects so that a student can obtain tutoring in any subject desired by him. This follows the culture where all subjects are available under one roof.
This company culture in tutoring however cannot be termed as the best solution in online tutoring. Most parents would agree that the vital aspect to achieve supportive learning help is the continuity of the tutor with the student. The tutor needs to develop a rapport with the student and identify his strengths and shortcomings. He must then empathize with the student and focus upon helping him overcome his shortcomings while reinforcing his strengths. With large tutoring companies this is often a problem as their tutors cater to a large number of students and thus are not dedicated to a single student. While most online tutoring companies offer the 'preferred tutor' system in some form or the other, the availability of the favorite tutor cannot be guaranteed being booked by a number of students. Thus the child is left to adjust to each of the tutors he comes across and at best is able to achieve 'topic help' rather than supportive, continued learning.
Freelance Tutors. On the other hand are the freelance tutors who offer Online Tutoring on the internet. Most of the tutors list with the tutor directories for their availability. Tutors having their own websites are a rarity - probably due to the costs involved. However the ones who do have their own websites and thus are able to make themselves available on the internet are probably the best choice for online tutoring. They combine the best of online tutoring and offer continued supportive and dedicated learning support to the students.
Training Content. Some of the tutoring companies use their own 'unique training content' which is specifically developed keeping in mind the requirements of the students. There is no doubt that specially developed training content is helpful in imparting instruction. It must however be remembered that there is no shortage of training content on the internet with most schools and college websites providing free high quality training content. What is most important is ability of the tutor to make the student imbibe the training content properly.
Tutor Remuneration. In case of freelance tutors, the complete remuneration made by the students goes to the tutor who is free to set his own price. However in case of tutoring companies, the company would pay the tutors minimum wages, keeping most of the profits for themselves. The tutor compensation in some of the tutoring companies can be as low as $ 2 per hour. This obviously affects the quality of tutors who would be ready to serve with them.
Selecting the Right Tutor. Making the right choice of the Online Tutor however can be difficult. Considering that the websites offering these services are not the swanky big banner sites, it is difficult to gauge the prowess of the tutor at the first instance. It is advisable to go over the credentials and experience of the tutor. However before finally selecting a tutor, the student must ask for a Free Demo Session. Nearly all the tutors offer the introductory demo session so that they can interact with the student. This provides a good opportunity to the student to gauge the tutor first hand and if found suitable, he can interact with the tutor to finalize his schedule.
The quality of tutoring also depends on the tools for teaching used by the tutor. The demo session would also help to confirm the suitability of the web conferencing software including the audio, whiteboard and file sharing. The student should evaluate them well during the demo session before signing up for online tutoring.
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Which Is Better: Group or Home Tuition?

I get many people asking me this question over and over again, is home tuition better, or is a group tuition in a tuition center better? Rather than me giving the answer, why don't you use my guidelines below to see whether you use be taking up home tuition or a group or class tuition in a tuition center.
Number one is to know what you truly want for your child. If you really want your child to do well and improve quickly, then you have no doubts at all that home tuition is better. The reason is rather simple, you get the attention of the tutor all on your son or daughter. For the entire duration of the tuition or lesson, the tutor will sit beside your child and literally do the teaching and then the practices together. If your child has any questions, he or she can simply just shoot, and the tutor will immediately answer your child.
This is not possible if you are having group tuition. Why do I say that? Because in a group setting, how can you be sure that you have the tutor's attention all on you, and how can you be sure that you are able to ask all your questions and clear all your doubts. This is a group tuition so everyone must have equal chances and opportunities to speak to the tutor.
What is your child dozes off, or daydreams in tuition? For a home tutor, the home tutor can immediately notice it and wake your child up. In a group tuition, it might be long before the tutor actually notices it. By then, precious time have passed and there might be key facts which had been gone through but your child was not listening in order to benefit from it!
Another good thing is that the tuition is conducted at the convenience of your home. Do you know what that means? It means that no time is unnecessarily wasted to and fro the tuition center. Also, it is so much easier for you, as all the teaching and textbooks are at your home, which means that you do not have to carry all your heavy books and files, and yet still manage to forget to bring something! With home tuition, there won't be this problem at all.
I am not all advocating for home tuition, even though I believe that it is the best form of tuition. if you have a strict budget to follow, and do not earn much to make a living, then group or class tuition in a tuition center would be a better option because it is more affordable at lower fees. Of course, this is because this is not the better option in terms of quality.
Chinese have this saying that "every extra cent you pay, you are getting extra quality and value". Thus that is why home tuition is certainly pricier since it is of higher quality.
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The True Value of Home Tuition Through a Tuition Agency

When it comes to your child's education, having access to the best schools, information and support is paramount to their success. Education is the one great equalizer for all children no matter their background or economic level. This is because getting a better education will do more than just help them succeed in finding better employment, it will help them to think and figure out how to solve problems on their own.
However, while attending good schools is a great start, children who get a little more assistance at home tend to not only do better, but actually excel in their studies. This is particularly true of children who have difficulty with a particular subject. In such cases, proper home tuition is the answer to their needs that will help them with their education.
What is considered proper Home Tuition? The first step is to find the best tuition agency that can provide the services you need to help your child with a particular subject or help them in general with their education. Generally speaking, home tuition is needed when your child is having difficulty in a subject that you may not be familiar enough to properly teach or if you simply do not have the time.
A tuition agency will assign one of their staff to visit your home for an hour or two on selected nights to help the child understand and catch up so that they can excel in the classroom and more importantly understand and fully grasp what they are doing.
Home tuition means more than just getting good grades. When your child fully understands the meaning of all subjects they can carry that invaluable knowledge with them into their adult lives!
What are the Benefits of finding Home Tuition? There are a number of advantages that hiring a proper tuition agency will bring to your child and their progress through school.
1) Assistance - Many children will excel in most subjects, but they will also have difficulty in grasping others. In most cases the child has the capacity to learn, but not the right guidance to fully understand. Proper tuition will bring that understanding in a way that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
2) Convenience - Most tuition sessions last an hour or two and take place two to three times each week at your convenience. This means that your child gets through their homework faster and understands the subject on a more complete basis.
3) Low Cost - The proper home tuition agency will charge a nominal fee that is designed to fit within your budget so the child can get the help they need. In this manner, you can really help your children get the full understanding of the subjects needed so that they can advance with their schoolwork and excel once they reach college level.
In the interest of your child's education, the value of a proper tuition agency cannot be overestimated. They provide the best in terms of teaching the subjects that your children need to learn so that they can advance to fulfill their dreams.
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