Friday, 31 July 2015

Which Is Better: Group or Home Tuition?

I get many people asking me this question over and over again, is home tuition better, or is a group tuition in a tuition center better? Rather than me giving the answer, why don't you use my guidelines below to see whether you use be taking up home tuition or a group or class tuition in a tuition center.
Number one is to know what you truly want for your child. If you really want your child to do well and improve quickly, then you have no doubts at all that home tuition is better. The reason is rather simple, you get the attention of the tutor all on your son or daughter. For the entire duration of the tuition or lesson, the tutor will sit beside your child and literally do the teaching and then the practices together. If your child has any questions, he or she can simply just shoot, and the tutor will immediately answer your child.
This is not possible if you are having group tuition. Why do I say that? Because in a group setting, how can you be sure that you have the tutor's attention all on you, and how can you be sure that you are able to ask all your questions and clear all your doubts. This is a group tuition so everyone must have equal chances and opportunities to speak to the tutor.
What is your child dozes off, or daydreams in tuition? For a home tutor, the home tutor can immediately notice it and wake your child up. In a group tuition, it might be long before the tutor actually notices it. By then, precious time have passed and there might be key facts which had been gone through but your child was not listening in order to benefit from it!
Another good thing is that the tuition is conducted at the convenience of your home. Do you know what that means? It means that no time is unnecessarily wasted to and fro the tuition center. Also, it is so much easier for you, as all the teaching and textbooks are at your home, which means that you do not have to carry all your heavy books and files, and yet still manage to forget to bring something! With home tuition, there won't be this problem at all.
I am not all advocating for home tuition, even though I believe that it is the best form of tuition. if you have a strict budget to follow, and do not earn much to make a living, then group or class tuition in a tuition center would be a better option because it is more affordable at lower fees. Of course, this is because this is not the better option in terms of quality.
Chinese have this saying that "every extra cent you pay, you are getting extra quality and value". Thus that is why home tuition is certainly pricier since it is of higher quality.
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