Friday, 31 July 2015

Entrust Your Finding Of A Home Tutor To A Home Tuition Agency

In life, we are usually faced with decisions and choices that we have to take and make. Sometimes, these choices are hard to make because they have lasting implications. For instance, how do you want to find a tutor for your child? A good tutor for your child will do wonders for his or her academic grades and results, giving him or her a better university placing, a scholarship even. After that, he or she finds it easier to get a job, and is paid higher. The what-ifs seem not ending, all from the start of finding a good tutor.

What if you found a wrong tutor, someone who is not good, who doesn't live up to your expectations? Would you have entrusted your child's education to someone whom you shouldn't have? Better to deliberate over such a decision than to rush into making a hasty one.
If you are looking for a home tutor for your child, in order to pull up his or her plunging grades, you would do well to hire one through a home tuition agency. The reason is simple, they have a large database of tutors, who qualified and experienced, all ready to teach and tutor your child. Furthermore, you just have to make your requirements for the tutor known to the agency and they will do the rest of the work by finding the right tutors for you to make the ultimate final decision. Some common requirements include the qualification level of the tutor, experience of the tutor, and style of teaching.
Most agencies I know do not offer a money back guarantee. However, some do. How this works is pretty simple actually. When you engage the tutor for the first lesson, and if you find him or her unsuitable for your child, you can actually call the agency, and request a change of tutor, and the first lesson's fees will be waived off. This I feel is the best that can happen, something like giving the child a trial for the tutors. Some tutors might seem oh-so-impressive on resume but turn out to be unable to teach at all. This policy was set up to solve this issue at hand.
Here are some tips to make sure that you choose a good home tuition agency, shared from my experience as a home tuition agency owner.
The first criteria is always to look at the strength of the database of the tutors. If the agency has more tutors, a larger database, it also means that there is a higher chance of you getting the most suitable and qualified tutor. Any database of 10,000 tutors and above is considered sufficiently large enough.
Secondly, you must look at the testimonials given by parents for the tuition agency. Testimonials reflect many things. For instance, you can get to know what is the response time of the agency, and the lead time you will be able to get a tutor once you request one from the agency.
Thirdly, look for any special advantage that the tuition agency might offer over the other tuition agencies. For instance, the tuition agency that I run has a guarantee, that if the tutor matched is not satisfactory, and if you terminate the services of the tutor within the first hour of teaching, you will be waived off your first lesson's fees and the will be no additional charges when you look for a second tutor in order to replace the first one.
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