Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Early Foundation in Mathematics for PreSchool and Primary

Ready to perk up the little brains? Many parents are concerned about how to inject fun and inculcate a love and interest for mathematics in their children during the early age of pre-school learning. Are rote learning and drilling the only way to learn mathematics? Is your child very good in mathematics if they are able to perform the 4 operations of “+, -, x, /” at an early age? The answer is “No”! What we need from our children are problem-solving skills. We should not train our child to perform like a calculator! 

In this current knowledge-based economy where the Ministry of Education has been emphasizing Creative and Independent learning for our children the traditional method of spoon-feeding students with information and grading them based on knowledge they have retained is irrelevant and biased. What the new economy require are students with thinking, innovative and analyzing skills to challenge problems that are new and unknown. As for learning mathematics, there will be more questions testing students’ understanding and application of concepts across topics instead of the mere ability to apply formulae. This is exactly what eiMaths focuses on!

What is eiMaths?
Originated and developed in Singapore by a team of experienced practitioners, eiMaths is not to be mistaken as just another Maths program in the local scene. Closely following the MOE syllabus, and through years of experience gaining a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by children when studying Mathematics in school, our programs build on a step by step approach, utilizing a personalized and spiral learning system, guaranteed to build, sustain and grow your child’s confidence & interest in Maths and challenge themselves to achieve greater heights.

How will your child benefit from eiMaths?
Discover Mathematical facts, concepts and relationships
Adoption of correct strategies to apply for different types of problems
Strategic exploration, self-feedback and reflection on errors
Independent thinking skills through innovative teaching methods
Motivation and Enthusiasm in exploring Mathematics
Inspire interest and increase confidence in solving mathematical problems

eiMaths’s  Methodologies
Our learning journey comprises of 3 phases of learning:

Phase One
Understanding Maths concepts and theories through colourful workbook and enhancing the knowledge by completing it at home. 

Topics covered:
Data analysis

Phase Two
Acquiring skill through self-discovery, fun filled activities and games. 
Skills covered:
Numerical calculation
Logic reasoning
Life application
Combination thinking

Phase Three
Applying the knowledge acquired to solving heuristic problems. 
Processes covered:

Objectives of eiMaths’s curriculum 

K1 to K2… 
create interest and fun in learning Mathematics. Set the stage for cognitive development in number sense, sorting, patterning and measuring. Through hands-on activities, actively engage children in the learning process.

Numbering system
Counting, patterning, sorting
Colours, shapes
Measuring, comparing, matching
Paths, directions
Placing, mirror image
Sequencing, observing

P1 to P3… 
enhance foundation in basic Mathematics theories, methods and concepts. Focus on developing creative thinking and a deep understanding of Maths reasoning (rather than on rote memory) to approach problem solving.

Numbering system, fractions
Number operations
Mental calculations
Length, mass, volume
Time, money
Area, perimeter, parallel, perpendicular
Geometry, patterns, 2D, 3D
Data analysis, graphs

P4 to P5… 
excite students’ thinking and arouse their curiosity in mastery and application of problem solving heuristics through question-posing techniques, children learn and improve their skill in solving challenging Maths problems.

Problem solving heuristics
Factors and multiples
Complex fractions problems
Angle, symmetry, tessellation
Percentage, ratio
Area, volume

Mathematics should not be routine drilling and memorizing tables, but fun and enriching. The knowledge gained by our students should enable them to solve problems in any situation. Students with the eiMaths program will ultimately develop problem-solving skills which they use in real-life situations and which remain with them for years to come This improved cognitive and critical thinking skill will be your best gift to the students. 

eiMaths’s students are creative, independent, confident and initiating. We are here to equip our students with a smarter way to learn Mathematics such that they can be winners in the changing world!

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