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Mighty Math Tuition Centre #Reviews

Mighty Math takes the famed mathematics curriculum of Singapore and amps it up for adapting to international schooling standards in the best possible way. Their operations began in Singapore and their fame took them beyond the shores to Malaysia. Operating in several franchise model centres across both locations, they combine the exceptional curriculum of Singapore which has over the years built its reputation in international mathematics competitions, with modern franchise-based business management techniques of the United States to deliver high quality results.

Brief History of Mighty Math Tuition Centre

Developed in accordance with latest MOE syllabus in 2007, the Mighty Math centres take into account not just the basic mathematics and problem-solving but focus on empowering the students with greater degree of computational skills, conceptual approach to problems, building foundation techniques, thinking skills and enhancing natural problem-solving abilities. Mighty Math’s reputation has however, suffered a wee bit as their rapid franchising shows dilution of their business model.

Centre methodology

As a maths enrichment strategy, Mighty Math teaching methodology is focused on adding the skills which would train the young minds to think beyond merely exam-based scoring, making the possibility of attaining positive results higher for any mathematical exercise. Their programs are fine-tuned using feedback from educators, regular reviews and surveys of parents and students as well as seeing the general trend of , GCE and exam questioning patterns.
  • Pre-schoolers, Kindergarten Maths Programme: It is a well-known fact, the journey for academic excellent performance of a child, depends on how he or she was nurtured from the grassroots education (nursery, kindergarten etc.). Solely designed for preschool children, this program focuses on basic pattern, shape and number recognition giving them early foundations of math and calculations. The highlight of this programme is to develop the elementary reckoning ability of the students as well as prepare them ahead for primary education courses. This programme ensures that students will be cognizant with the foundations of primary arithmetic such as addition and subtraction with the help of number bond. The tutors are friendly, patient and passionate with children. The patterns, basic cognitive learning methods etc. ensures the reinforcement of the creative thinking and improves memorizing ability of the pupils.
  • Primary Math Programme: It is designed for students in post-kindergarten ranging from primary 1 to primary 6. Despite being within MOE guidelines it provides major impetus on developing confidence and critical thinking ability in tackling both routine and non-routine mathematics problems with heuristics approach. Intensive preparatory class for students that are preparing for PSLE Math paper, value-addition lessons aimed at preparing for Olympiads and competitions etc. are also part of early grooming in this course. In this programme, the students will be taught on how to utilize examination time and tackle questions in order to score high. Past PSLE math questions are solved in this programme, as well as efficient computation techniques and alternative approaches are taught.
  • Colorful manipulations and adaptive teaching - Teaching, for Mighty Math is not about blindly going through the coursework for each student, rather manipulating the course to adapt to personal needs. Several students have better visual memory and retention and teachers are passionate enough to introduce colours or cognitive patterns so the students can pick up their cues and retain the relevant information and relate later.


Primary Lower (Pre-school, P1-P4)
week (three classes per week, 1hrs) 
week (three classes per week, 1.5-2 hrs) – intensive coaching
Primary Upper (P5-P6)
$90/week (three classes per week, 1hrs) 
week (three classes per week, 1.5-2 hrs) – intensive coaching

Customer reviews

“Hayden has been enjoying his lessons since day one. He has improved tremendously in Math and has gained great confidence when solving problem sums. I reckon that good foundation is essential, as such; I have enrolled my younger son in Mighty Math beginning of the year. I will recommend anyone who has difficulty and does not enjoy Math as a school subject before, to attend Mighty math programme. You will not regret it” – Hyzel Ong (parent)
“I was happy with the Mighty Math program to help my son understand the concepts of addition and subtraction through number bonds. It will really give him a head-start in primary 1. However I must say, since I’ve moved to my new place, the closest Mighty Math centre, including their teaching and management staff is a bit below their standards in Serangoon Gardens centre. I will see out this term, as long as the results show up well.” – Mrs. Grace Phua (parent) and Brendon Phua (children)


Mighty Math is still growing as a math enrichment program in the Singapore educational domain. It does well in terms of bringing together the best of eastern curriculum and western management techniques to build a rapidly growing franchise model. It’d be important however, that they don’t lose sight of their basic educational plan, since a number of branches do show some level of disparity in terms of what they deliver in results. Overall, the vibe is good, but the verdict isn’t unequivocal yet. Their course and curriculum however, has come in for some praise.

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