Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Daily Life and Primary School Maths – Its More Important than One Thinks

How many things one has to learn throughout his or her academic life that he or she thinks is of no or least importance and use ahead in their life? A handful really, name a subject and half of it if not more appears to be dustbin worthy when it comes to its practical usage in the real world. All philosophical mumbo jumbo turns to dust every time a student gets promoted to the next class. All what he or she had studies in the previous class begins looking like rubbish. Same is the case with math, the parts that are the easiest also are the ones that are more practical. The propositions like addition and product, percentages and probabilities etc are the thing that one can bet to use one day. These problems of math are covered in the very early stage of a student’s academics. Primary schools make the base of a student in all the subjects.

The level of math taught in high school level and beyond, is the one that seems the most useless. Students just study to pass the subject and to get promoted and the teachers simply teach to end the course in time. But the fact is that it needs to be given respect that is due. Math is never out of someone’s life, not even if they are done studying it, not even if they are becoming medical doctors or lawyers. Ancient philosophers stated math as not a subject of study but as means to understand and if used right, to spend the life.

Managing one’s finance is amongst the most common tasks that anyone encounters. At a young age, it is pocket money and at the working stage it is the salary of a person that matters the most for him. Managing it right brings leisure to life but then the question is that who uses it right? Primary school maths can help in saving so much money that one cannot even imagine. Finance is a scarce resource for everyone and it cannot be allocated in all the places all at once. If a person spends more on one thing, needs to offset and trade off another thing for it. But who is to tell how much should be spent on what. All of this comes to knowledge by learning a little advanced math than just the basic primary school maths.

Almost every person invests money at some stage of their life sooner or later. They may buy bonds, may deposit money in a savings account with a bank, or may even buy stocks of a company. Doing this requires calculation as well as analyses skills. Failure in doing even one of these two things can result in loss of whole life savings. Future projections of values can be easily calculated if one has studies a graduate level math course. Doing this helps in making big decisions related to finances like buying a house or not.

Math also comes in great use when it comes to taking care of health and fitness. Simple calculations tell a person about their body mass relation. It also tells them about the amount of dosage they need to take in relation to the degree of their ailment. In body building, they help in making sure that the weight being lifted is increased at a constant level. With all this being said, math is arguably the most widely and commonly used subject of all and has the most to do in routine daily life. Regardless of what one’s field is or what profession they are pursuing, math remains an unmovable necessity for them at all levels. 

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