Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ways to Boost Memory – Enhanced Math Skills

Children of younger age are more prone to getting disheartened after not being able to catch up with the number related subjects. This is a very big problem because at that stage, the career path of students gets selected and impacts them throughout their lives. They get wore down by not being able to solve equations and as a result they simply lose interest in the subjects and may even go rebellious against studies. 

Memory problem is the root cause of children not being good at mathematics. It has been revealed by research that majority of children that have a sharp memory, are the ones that actually do good at arithmetic subjects. Faulty working memory causes faults in calculations and also accounts for wrong formula usage. 

Heuristics Maths is a difficult subject and before the numbers get written o the paper, naturally, it gets solved in the mind. This mental math needs a very good and reliable working memory, in the absence of which, the learner starts feeling sick and uninterested in the subject altogether. Here are however 5 ways through which one can boost the memory that results in better performance at calculations.

Help Working Memory:
Using tools can overcome this disadvantage. One can use an audio recorder to record the teacher’s audio during the class that can be heard afterwards. This is good in case the child has poor concentration level and complains about not being able to listen to the lecture carefully. Simply sitting in the front row does not remedy this problem because it has nothing to do with the distance from teacher and has everything to do with the mental strength of the student. Calculator in use needs to be suitable with the user’s age. A scientific calculator should not be used till the child turns at least 15 since there is no use of its operations at least till high school. The child needs to repeat each calculation on the calculator that the teacher does on the board.

Calculation Games:
It is really surprising how games like the “minesweeper” could teach children math and improve their calculation skills. Games are interesting and can be helpful too. There is next to infinite number of games available that can improve the math skills of children. Engaging games that come in good graphics teach students instead of spoiling them and damaging their eyesight. Geometry, trigonometry and calculus are the areas that specially benefit from the right usage of such games.

Brain Training:
Sometimes it helps to let children research on their own a bit. This trains and warms their brains up making it easier for them to accept ideas and grasp concepts. The topic to research not necessarily has to be math, the basic purpose is to have them sit and study for a few hours developing this habit in them. Once this gets developed, then they can easily learn even the most difficult of concepts in the toughest of subjects.

Over Learning Method:
One can always get their children to over learn things because doing that makes them lesser dependent on their working memory. When children over learn, they tend to grow confident in learning the next levels of math. The knowledge turns into reflexes through this method. Solving heuristics maths, eventually becomes not harder than solving a fun puzzle.  

Multimodal Approach:

For very young aged children, pictorial learning is what appeals to them the most. Visual representations of calculation based questions makes children ready to comprehend with word problems in the next classes to come. This also helps in aiding the working memory of the child.    

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