Friday, 30 January 2015

Why Study Math? – How does it Benefit the Learner

Of all the intellectually demanding subjects, math is the most rigorous and difficult to understand entirely. It can be a very significant subject as well as a career maker. Here is the evidence of how important it is.

Entrance and Aptitude Tests: 

Thinking of avoiding math by changing the career goal to becoming a doctor or a lawyer? Think again because this subject just does not play nice. It comes on all places even if one does not want it to. Although medical and law fields do not have calculations involved nor do they have numeric subjects included in their courses, still, just to get an admission in them on a higher level, one needs to go through entrance tests or aptitude tests that include math in a great proportion. In the most generic of tests like GMAT and LSAT, this subject has the highest percentage. This makes it a decider that can either pass or fail a person in the whole test. Thousands of students apply in colleges and universities and a very slim percentage of them pass these tests. Soft science subjects like those of arts and humanities usually do not harm an individual as much as it does. Most of the failed students fail in calculative part of their entrance test. 

Better Wages:

According to surveys of salaries, those people who have specialized in math are better paid than those who have specialized in other subjects. Employers look for a complete package in a person before they hire them or compensate them. They appreciate if they find a person able to make ample calculations and serve as a good data analyst that a calculation expert mostly is. So, if one wants to be hired on a better wage, then they now know what subject to have as their major.
Job satisfaction in people who major in math is also much higher as compared to the rest. One reason that accounts for this happening is that they mostly get office based job rather than field ones. There is a notable difference between the comfort level in the two as well as the wages. Surveys about the most satisfied professionals show that those who are majors of this subject and are working in a related field at any level or in any institute, are more satisfied with their jobs as compared to all others. This means that studying hard in maths tuition class pays well in currency and satisfaction.

Diverse Set of Careers:

There are several careers that math experts can pursue. All of them belong to the group of highly paid jobs. There is a wide range of careers ranging from teaching to office and even field jobs for calculation experts. If one graduates with a degree in the subject, he or she can expect a mediocre paying job, but after having received a master’s degree or certain years of experience on the job, the pay increases drastically. Teachers of the subject are highly in demand and are paid handsomely for their efforts both in school and university levels. Students are very rusty in this subject and by just teaching maths tuition class a couple hours each day, one can make thousands of dollars each month. If in addition to simple calculations analytical skills are good too, one can become a financial analyst or even better, a cryptographer who mostly work for agencies like CIA. There are dozens of careers to pursue in the government services as well. There, they pay may not be much but the incentives added to the basic, it becomes quite a package as a whole.

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