Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How Singapore Math Can Help Your Child Learn Math Concepts Easily?

Singapore maths is founded on the classical model for teaching mathematics to the children. This model of teaching mathematics has been formalized for the wider applicability. National curriculum of Singapore has contributed a lot in grooming the learners who understand the basics of mathematics well.

Methods are not quite innovative but instructions and fundamental basis are time tested. Material and instructions are provided in English. Many schools of United States are following this model as a standard. Singapore math is based on different approaches. Other than standard methods of teaching mathematics, study materials are designed in a way that students give logical answers with logical explanations to the questions of mathematics.

In many other countries and even in United States, a great emphasis is given to the memorization rule, and students are expected to generate mathematical ideas from practical experiences. But Singapore teaching model is the one by which child at any stage can ask questions relating to fundamentals for understanding, with "why" instead of memorizing the rules. Due to this intelligently designed structure of the curriculum, students produce the right answer in right time; that is why this homeschooling teaching model is always preferred by teachers and parents.

Singapore math is spirally structured, which means that anything or topic that has been taught in the past will not be taught again but will be revised in the following year, and discussions will start from the next level of what was taught in the past. Whereas in other countries, the topic restarts and moves towards the higher level. This spiral structure does not let the student lose the fundamental concepts, as repetition can be boring for the students; that is why students are always kept fresh and starved for getting towards the next or higher level.

Singapore maths is famous for making students focus on the concepts of mathematics unlike other models which teach math. This model lets a student to pick the concepts from the core, as the nature of Singapore math is exploratory and children ask questions and get conceptual answers instead of memorizing without deep knowledge.

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