Thursday, 9 April 2015

Math Methods and Beliefs for Singapore Maths
At least for me, Math is one of the most difficult subjects to teach a child. This is especially true if you are homeschooling and you need to be the math teacher. When I started teaching my children, I was worried I would never be able to teach them how to be really good at math considering it isn't exactly my strong point.
I was very blessed to come across a program called Singapore Math. I was amazed at how differently they taught math compared to all of the other math programs I have come across. In fact, Singapore Math has been teaching me right along with my children. The concepts are presented in such a way that everyone can learn.

Singapore is known for having the highest math scoring students in the world. Singapore Mathematics teaches your child the exact same way and gives them the head start they need to become math geniuses. I became a believer of the Singapore Math curriculum when I saw the results in my own children.

They caught on very quickly with Singapore Math compared to the other math we had tried. They understood the material better, and still know how to effortlessly apply what they learned last year. That is proof of a great math curriculum.

I have found that there is a huge difference in the way Singapore Math teaches my children how to think about math. Sure, they learn to memorize things like any other math curriculum, but with Singapore Math, children learn to think about problems in several different ways.
For example, with the very small children, this curriculum will show them a sequence of numbers like 3, 4, 5, and 6. With these numbers, they will have to memorize them and decide if the sequence goes forward or backward. 

Other sequences will have numbers missing, and the child will decide which numbers are missing, where they go, and if the sequence goes forward or backward.

This requires the student to focus on thinking about the numbers rather than taking the easy way out by just memorizing them. While other programs teach you how to do math, this program teaches you how to understand math. The colorful pictures and entertaining characters really add a nice element to the material as well.
One of the Singapore Maths methods I truly enjoy is the way they present math problems to my children. Most math curriculums give children a problem to learn how to solve. In order to help them solve it, they will show children how to place the problem within a formula.

With Singapore Mathematics the children learn each and every step of a problem, which gives them a greater understanding of how math works. They will then be provided with the problem as a whole, and this ensures that they are already familiar with the individual parts of the problem, so the entire problem is not overwhelming to them.

Singapore Math is just great for parents who want to raise intellectual thinkers. Children who understand the concepts of mathematics from the inside out can more easily solve problems and figure out answers to other types of problems. This is the reason that the Singapore curriculum is my first choice, and will continue to be as my children grow.

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