Thursday, 16 April 2015

Solve several math problems using math problem solver

Hi friends, once again i am here to explain you few interesting math topics and also about a tool named as math problem solver. Let's start with the inequalities, in this the equation contains greater then(>), less then(<), greater then equal to(<=), and less then equal to(>=) symbols. Whenever you encounter these symbols in any equation understand that equation is of inequality. Do you know how to solve inequalities, relax my dear friends i will explain you how to solve inequalities. Solving inequalities means finding all possible solutions of the given equation. A solution of an inequality gives a number which when substituted for the variable in the equation of inequalities gives the inequality statement as true. Consider an inequality example and see how to solve inequalities .
x- 3> 6,
In this we can substitute '10' in place of 'x' which will give
10-3> 6,
7> 6.
so x = 10, and from 10 onwards all the values are possible for x as they all will give result as true. in many case inequalities have multiple solutions. after this let us switch to other topic that is complex fractions. you all are familiar with fractions, they are a part of whole number and you can define in form of p/q, where, p is numerator and q is denominator. Complex fraction is a type of fraction, in which numerator and denominator both are in fractional form. Let's see with the help of a few example of complex fractions ( 3/4)/(4/5), 6/(8/9), and other fractions which are in same form. Simplifying complex fractions are similar to simplification of fractions, in this we have to first simplify the numerator and denominator individually and they are combine them to get final answer. for example,(2/6)/(3/12),
In this first solve the numerator and denominator separately and then combine them together.
This is the simplified complex fraction.
After having brief idea of both the topics, lets switch the gear towards free math problem solver. it is an automatic tool that solves all type of math problems and various sub tools are embedded inside math problem solver. You can take help of problem solver anytime whenever you stuck to any problem. Many websites offer this tool to help students, and students are free to take help of any tool according to their prbolem. Apart from this, students can also take help of online tutors also. Kids enjoy problem solving maths using math solver.

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