Friday, 31 July 2015

Finding a Maths Tutor - What to Consider When Searching for a Maths Tutor

Finding a quality maths tutor can be a challenge because there is a great deal of tutors available. However, there are ways in which individuals can determine which tutor is best for either them or their child. These strategies are the following:
1. Ask for High School Grades or College Transcripts: Depending on the educational level of tutors, individuals will need to ask for either high school grades or college transcripts to determine if the maths tutor has the necessary content knowledge to help their child.
Don't be surprised if the tutor says no because it does happen. In the event that tutors are not cooperative with this type of request, then it may be best to either find another tutor or use one of the other strategies to make a decision about hiring the tutor.
2. Ask for References from Current Clients: Current clients will definitely give you insight about the tutor's approach and whether he or she gets results. If more than one client is saying that the maths tutor had a positive impact in their child's academic world, then it is probably true that the tutor is qualified to work with your child. On the other hand, if a great deal of clients is saying negative things about this tutor, chances are individuals may be better off continuing their quest for another tutor.
3. Ask for a Trial Tutoring Session: Quality tutors will probably not give a trial tutoring session because they will already have satisfied clients and/or a track record of successful clients who have continued to do well in school. However, it does not hurt to ask.
If they opt out of giving you a trial tutoring session, then ask if they have a "pay as you go" plan, just in case, it turns out that the tutor is not a good fit for one's tutoring needs.
4. Look for the Ability to Relate to Others: Often times, math tutors can come across as serious with dry humor. It's very important to test out math tutor's ability to relate to other situations other than math. If they are able to do so with ease, then chances are these types of math tutors will make real-world connections to help their clients have a better understanding of how to apply math concepts to problem solving and in their own lives.
5. Look for Friendliness and Organization: All tutors need to be both organized and friendly. However, in math, it is extremely important because most clients who are seeking assistance in this subject is already intimidated by the work. By tutors being friendly, they are able to help the client take risks and ask the questions that are necessary to help them grow.
In addition, organization is so important because this helps tutoring sessions stay productive and it is a good indicator of how he or she will tutor their clients-in an organized fashion.
These are five strategies that individuals can try when searching for a quality math tutor. These aforementioned strategies show that the math tutors are willing, ready, and capable of helping their clients.
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