Sunday, 28 December 2014

How to Learn Math Effectively?

Most students do not hold math as their favorite subject. For most it is just a pain they need to go through before they get promoted to the next class. A negative mindset prevails about math and its study in students. But, at the same time, every students needs to study it for one reason or another. Here are a few things that can help in learning math in a more effective way and in a more efficient manner.

Read the Text Book: 

Students who find it a boring and dry subject complain that they end up simply staring at the math book for hours instead of studying it. A good way is to get rid of the distractions like cell phone and televisions and computers. Listening to songs while studying math is controversial with respect to being useful since sometimes it helps greatly and for some students it does not work in a good way. Also, getting in solitude helps, with no one present around, one can concentrate on the studies in a better way. The problem solving Maths requires great level of concentration because a simple miscalculation or fault in understanding of the question can ruin it big time and can falsify the entire question.

Fix a Time: 

For students who consider math as the most difficult subject, they need to fix a time for it. Choosing the time of the day when mind is most fresh and there are no other activities overlapping is the best practice. This would be just half of it; the actual challenge is to stick to the routine on daily basis. Problem solving Maths naturally takes more time because at first the student needs to understand the question in its original sense and then go on the solve it.

Math for Idiots: 

Certain books that teach math in layman terms come in handy when it comes to quickly getting a knowhow about math. However, this practice is not effective enough for those who are looking to learn math for a long term. For instance, these books and guides can help in learning basics of math just to clear an entrance test of an institute but they certainly do not get a student an A grade in a course where Problem solving Maths is under consideration.

Take Mock Tests:

It cannot be emphasized on enough, doing exercises of math is the most important thing that one can do. Exercises are included in the text books but they also come in soft formats on the internet. Taking mock exams and quizzes of math really polishes the formula application skill. Problem solving skills get shined over time and it is impossible to see immediate results. So, one needs to stay patient and keep to the track.

Get the Whole Course: 

If a student thinks that he or she can pull it off themselves then they need to get all the lectures delivered by the teacher. If they have been sloppy before, they should get them copied from their class fellows. Having done that, they can better assess from where they can start.

Hire a Tutor: 

If nothing else helps, the last resort is to find someone who can help on the weekends or can bind a few hours daily to teach math from the beginning through the end. Doing this does a world of good in more ways than one since a math knowing person knows better how to explain the Problem solving Maths that can confuse a learner and also knows about multiple ways of solving the same questions for the student to choose from.   

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