Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Mathematics- Gaining perspective

All over the world, by students and learners everywhere, the discipline of mathematics is generally thought to be one that is extremely difficult and tedious. Teachers and professors are baffled by the increasing number of students who are unable to comprehend basic concept maths and are struggling with a subject that is not that hard if understood and explained properly. Mathematics is a subject that is taught worldwide and in most schools and educational institutions has been made a compulsory discipline for years. Students of every age need to get through with this discipline in order to graduate from high school and they can only opt out of studying it at college level. However, in most cases mathematics is still usually a part of higher education as well.

So why do students everywhere find basic concept maths to be so dull and hard? The most obvious reason that comes to mind is that mathematics is a demanding subject, meaning it demands the student or learner to concentrate and give their undivided attention when studying or being taught. Though most disciplines call for the same requirements, math is one that cannot be understood if the student does not pay attention the first time around. This is because after the basic introduction, every topic and concept progresses and divides into further branches which have very distinct applications, so when a student does not have complete clarity about from where the topic is stemming from, they cannot make out what the further applications.

The basic problem is that from primary school, yes from the very beginning, kids do not have a proper base for concept maths developed. And because of that they begin to struggle with the subject early on and with that they develop a negative outlook and dislike for the subject. So teachers should from the very beginning try to develop the mathematical base of the child in a way that they are successfully able to retain the concepts and topics taught and look forward to learning the subject with enthusiasm and genuine interest.

Concept maths is not something that cannot be fathomed or not be understood with ease. Mathematics is actually a quite intriguing subject if a child Is introduced to it in a positive way through the use of the right methodologies and techniques. Kids and students should not feel that they are burdened with a subject that won’t help them in their practical life. The truth is that this discipline has the most practical applications as compared to all the other ones being taught. Also, it should be noted that many other subjects such as accounting, call for a basic understanding of mathematical concepts and so if any child wants to pursue any field, at one point or the other, they would have to study mathematics . By this it can be easily deciphered how important Mathematics is and why a student needs to have a good basic understanding of what the subject is about and how they may use it in their practical as well as professional life.

Once a child becomes thoroughly proficient in all kinds of mathematical skills, they would find that all other disciplines such as physics and statistics would become ridiculously easy for them to study as they are all in a way another branch or part of mathematics as well. So it can be concluded that in order to excel in their studies as well as in their professional life, students all over the globe need to develop a positive attitude towards math and should start to study the subject with genuine interest. 

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