Sunday, 28 December 2014

Preparing for Preschool - To-Do List

For many little children, preschool is their very first experience of practical life and this is the place where they begin to get a certain idea of what the next fifteen to twenty years of their lives will look like (they do not know that, of course!). Many children may not feel that great about having to leave the protection of their homes so soon and to spend so much time surrounded by strange,  unrecognizable faces. Thus, parents are suggested to make sure their child is taken care of before they start their formal pre-education. Here is a to-do list to help them out and to provide a little guidance.      \

Before enrolling the child into the school check out the school’s policies, their curriculum and the general environment at the place. Try to compare two or more schools to pick the best one possible.

 ·         Make sure the school has all the emergency information they may require to keep the child safe during unforeseen circumstances and to make sure he/she is delivered safely back to parents/guardians.

·         Make a plan on the steps to take if the child falls ill and has to go on an extended leave. Discuss with the teachers how the child can get updated once he/she gets back.

·         Teach the child that it is necessary to pick healthy foods at the cafeteria by making sure only healthy food items are packed into the lunchbox during preschool days.

·         Make sure that the preschooler actually looks forward to following a proper routine. Make sure there is something interesting lined up for every next activity due. For example, mothers can plan next morning’s breakfast with their child during bedtime.

·         Make sure that preschoolers do not overdose on the junk they show on TV nowadays. Steve Jobs, the founder and CEO of Apple Inc. (while he lived) said that he made sure all electronics stayed away from his kids when they were young so that they would play outside. He believed this allowed them to have a wider perspective on life.

·         Have a corner for school things at the house where kids can review their school stuff every night before bed and tell parents if they need something for the next days or coming days.

·         Talking to the child and ensuring that he or she is ready for their school going experience is as important as actually enrolling them in school. Ask the child if they have any fears they would like to address or any questions about school they want answered.

·         Make sure the child knows what their home address is along with the number used by either parent for contact in the case of emergencies.

·         Make sure the child knows the rules about strangers. Review the rules as often as possible; do not talk to strangers, do not listen to what they say and do not get into their cars, no matter how nice they appear to be.

·         When starting school it is necessary to ensure the child’s health and thus, a meeting with the teacher is recommended. If there are any ban foods for the kid, tell her about them. In contrast, ask her/him to send regular health reports in any form possible.

·        Of course, shopping for preschool is required too and it is slightly different from shopping for kindergarten. For starters, lesser pencils are required and more toys are needed. There are other things to consider too and one can find shopping lists for preschoolers online on many a website.

·         The clothes one buys for their child should have the ability to look just as good when they are mixed and matched as well. It is not really smart to buy a new outfit for every day in the month. 

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