Friday, 19 December 2014

Preschool maths can be FUN!

Enrolling one’s child in a pre-school is one of the parenting milestones as with this marks the beginning of the child’s formal education. Getting one’s child settled in preschool can be quite challenging as they don’t really like being separated from their parents or to be in an unfamiliar setting for that matter. However, once that matter is settled and the child gets accustomed to their surroundings and the school environment, the next thing to come is the question regarding the child’s willingness to learn.

Studying is usually an alien concept for children when they are first enrolled in a preschool. Though they gradually start to take in everything that is new to them with the help of fun activities, there are still some subjects that they find difficult to grasp at fist, and at preschool level, this is usually preschool maths. Mathematics is usually a subject that most children struggle with even from the beginning. 

Children are usually taught preschool maths in a dull and dry way that does not elicit any response from them and thus they are unable to pick the concepts that are taught. However, nowadays new and improved methodologies have been introduced that are aiding teachers and parents alike in overcoming this problem and allowing the young ones to have a better understanding of the discipline that is preschool maths.

The new methodologies that are now being used to teach preschool maths usually involve techniques that engage the children in fun activities that allow them to learn the concept being taught while reinforcing it through the activity. For instance, children of kindergarten are now being taught the concepts of addition and subtraction by the help of a real number line. For this, a masking tape is used and it is pasted onto the floor in a straight line. Then, with the help of a permanent thick marker, numbers are drawn on the tape at regular intervals so as to mimic an actual number line. Children are then asked to do sums of addition and subtraction using that number line. 

For example if they need to figure out what five plus four is, the child would stand on the number five on the number line and jump four places ahead. The number that they would land on would be the answer to their question. The same goes for subtraction, where the only difference would be that instead of jumping ahead, the child would jump backwards to get their answer. Techniques such as these help the children to learn mathematical concepts easily which are on their own dry and boring. Employing these techniques also help in the reinforcement of the concept being taught and allow the children to learn in a fun way.

Preschool maths has now become a fun subject and children now look forward to learning more thanks to all of the innovative new teaching techniques and methodologies that have been introduced. Children now are able to apply their concepts practically and thus are able to get a better understanding of them. Mathematical concepts are now easily being grasped by children and with the help of these fun filled activities, they are able to better retain them in their minds. 

Parents and teachers now do not find teaching the children difficult as with all these activities to aid them, they also derive pleasure in teaching the young ones new things. All these techniques have one and only one motive behind them and that is to teach the children new concepts in such a way that is sparks their interest in the subject and they are also able to retain it.

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