Thursday, 25 December 2014

The perks of Math enrichment

When one talks of mathematics, the characteristics of teaching and good learning in the subject contain pacing which needs to be completely appropriate for the development of the child and should also include embedded opportunities for enrichment. Through the process of maths enrichment the relevance of the subject with the contemporary world is revealed. The depth of understanding as well as the breadth of experience is both provided by the process of mathsenrichment as well.

Maths enrichment also engenders wonder and even enthusiasm. There would only be some students who would be able to engage in enrichment at a level that is deep, while the majority or the larger group would be challenged to do so. This would allow abilities that were previously identified and quite unexpected, to emerge. All mathematics learners can benefit from enrichment.
So what basically is enrichment? By definition, enrichment is essentially the enhancement of mathematical experiences. 

It features a lot of things that include the study of the discipline of mathematics beyond the actual standard of the curriculum which is defined by the requirements of any external examinations. Features also include creative and alternative approaches to concepts and topics like open-ended investigations and also accessible aspects of the subject that lay outside the curriculum. Other than that, other features are the connections between the different aspects of mathematics that are usually met separately as well as the mathematics involved in other subjects or disciplines or that is found in other subjects.

Maths enrichment also features the development as well as the history of some of the deepest ideas and concepts of the subject as well as the mathematics that has a particular relevance to the child like that which is related to the school’s specialism or to the child’s locale. This process also involves visits to the school or institution by outside speakers as well as visits by the students out of school.
So why go for enrichment? Through enrichments, students are provided with a greater freedom for exploring the discipline of mathematics and their well being is also contributed to through the increase of intellectual satisfaction. When the curriculum is planned, enrichment helps in ensuring that there are no fragments in the learning experience as there are visibly clear links between the general classroom activities, other activities as well as topics of study.

Enrichment also reduces the need to assess and see if there is any talent or giftedness in a student. And since there is no gifted label given to students, they are well respected by their peers and are treated well all thanks to the enrichment process. Another plus point of enrichment is that it engages all of the students in the discipline of mathematics which is normally perceived as a dull and tedious subject. They are able to gain a renewed interest in the subject and so it is essential just like the education of a disaffected or an under achieving student as well as that of one who is mathematically gifted. Everything is included and all of the individual needs of student are fulfilled and met.

So when talking about enrichment, it is said that it is believed by the Mathematical Association that when teaching mathematics, the needs of the individual being taught need to be focused upon. It is the right of every student that they should have a mathematical experience that is enriched. And with that enrichment pervading curricula, accelerating students would be seen sparingly as well as judiciously. It is therefore quite important as can be concluded from the facts mentioned above that mathematics should be enriched. 

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