Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why Math Needs Extra Tuition

According to a gallop survey conducted on all levels of educational institutes ranging from schools through universities, students were asked to name the subject that they thought was most difficult. Although there were quite a few subjects named by them and most subjects were different from others due to their non existence in all the levels of education, one subject however, that was named the most was mathematics. It is also the one that is common in almost all levels of education with just a slight difference in the title of the course. Like world over, Singapore maths teachers also feel it an inevitable truth that students have to put in extra effort to learn mathematics as compared to other more theoretical subjects.

Why is Math so Different?

Mathematics actually does not differ from other subjects greatly because it is actually the numeric form of all the subjects knows to mankind. Take philosophy, take social sciences, mathematics has its application in all the fields when it comes to conducting mathematical research. In business, finance and engineering, the role of math becomes even more important since it lies in the roots of them to make accurate calculations. However, mathematics is different in a way that it cannot be crammed which pretty much describes as to why students think of it as an overly difficult subject. Probably this is so because they have to actually grasp the sense of each concept. Leaving one concept out shatters the whole chapters.

Does Brain Power Count?

Math is a subject for study for those only who are naturally good with numbers. It is true that the strength of brain with numbers has everything to do with being good at math. Parents pay hefty amounts to home Singapore maths teachers in a hope that h or she just might be able to teach them math. Doctors and some teachers put hard work second to talent at doing math. Some people just fail to concentrate for much longer and just half way through the topic, even if the subject is making sense to them, they just give up and throw in the towel. This is a sign of weak mind and powerless brain. Math needs a fresh and very sharp mind, say experts. With that said, those who do not successfully get their head around the numbers very easily should rather go towards theoretical courses or arts since according to this approach, they can never do good math.

Does Practice Count?

Mathematics is all about practice, and frankly, this actually makes more sense that the previous one. It has been commonly observed that many mediocre students actually turn out to be increasingly genius in math. Had they have poor brains, they should not have been good at math, so this certainly does not explain what math needs. Spending more number of hours practicing the same questions over and over again does a world of good by making a student slowly proficient in math. But spending so much time not knowing when to move on and when not, this ought to become a great trouble for a lone studying student.

What Should One Do?

If someone thinks that they really are no good at math, they can get them a Singapore maths teacher; under whose attention they can certainly get better understanding due to attention given to them. A Singapore maths teacher can make the difference between failing the subject and passing it, and even passing it with an A. so, one should rather spend several more hours doing math while being supervised than spending the same amount of time going unsupervised.

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